Pride Divide

Pride Divide Is A Humorous And Frank Examination Of The Hidden Gender Gap Between Gay And Lesbian. The Film Reveals How Homosexual Men And Women Have Bonded In Their Fight Against Global Homophobia While Engaged In A Recurring Struggle Of Male Vs Female That Mirrors Many Traditional Conflicts Inherent To Straight Relationships. The Film Was Shot Across The United States, With More Than One Hundred People Sharing Their Perspectives On The Evolution Of Gender. Their Revelations Are Shocking, Blunt, Funny And Surprisingly Complex.

*This movie is rated 16 and not suitable for viewers younger than 16. Download FPB Document here.

  • Genre: Gay, Documentary, History
  • Starring: Kate Clinton, Barney Frank, Simon Levay, Michael Musto, Camille Paglia, Guy Ferland
  • Director: Paris Poirier
  • Age Restriction: 16N
  • Length: 57min
  • Year: 1997