Joe + Belle

Joe + Belle Is An Incredibly Funny And Romantic New Lesbian Feature Boasting A Great Story, A Whimsically Dark Comic Sensibility And Stellar Performances. Joe Is A Laid-back Dope Dealer Full Of Magnetic Charisma. Belle Is A Forlorn Yet Irresistibly Sensual Crazy Girl Who Attaches Herself To Joe And Refuses To Let Go. The Chemistry Here Is Spot-on Perfect As The Two Girls Fall Madly In Love Against The Backdrop Of A Wild Israeli Cross-country Getaway After They Accidentally Kill A Guy. Full Of Whimsical Sensibility And Black Humour, Joe + Belle Will Restore Your Faith In Young Love.

*This movie is rated 16 and not suitable for viewers younger than 16. Download FPB Document here.

  • Genre: Lesbian, Comedy, Crime, Drama
  • Starring: Sivan Levy, Veronica Kedar, Romi Aboulafia
  • Director: Veronica Kedar
  • Age Restriction: 16LNSDV
  • Length: 80min
  • Year: 2011