The Final Girl

Director Todd Verow's Sultry Mystery Takes Viewers On An Eerie And Captivating Journey Through The Psyches Of Three Parisian Women Whose Paths Converge Around A Vanished Fourth. Combining Raw Documentary Footage Of The French Capital, Cryptic Dialogue, And Atmospheric Music, The Film Seduces Viewers, Leaving Them Just As Intrigued By The Enigma Of A Missing Woman As The Film's Main Characters. Like The Best Films Of David Lynch Or The French New Wave, The Final Girl Presents A Dreamlike Vision That Lingers Long After The Credits Roll.

*This movie is rated 16 and not suitable for viewers younger than 16. Download FPB Document here.

  • Genre: Lesbian, Lgbt, Foreign, Mystery, Drama
  • Starring: Wendy Delorme, Véronique Lindenberg, Judy Minx
  • Director: Todd Verow
  • Age Restriction: 18SN
  • Length: 80min
  • Year: 2010