Leslie Jordan: My Trip Down The Pink Carpet

My Trip Down The Pink Carpet Is Leslie Jordan's Rollicking, Faced-paced Collection Of Stories Served Up With Wit, Panache, And Plenty Of Biting Asides. Filled With Overwrought Childhood Agonies, Offbeat Observations, And Revealing Celebrity Encounters From Boy George To George Clooney It Delivers A Fresh, Laugh-out-loud Take On Hollywood, Fame, Addiction, Gay Culture, And Learning To Love Oneself. Recorded During Leslie's Live One-man-show In Atlanta, My Trip Down The Pink Carpet Shows The Singular Comedian In Rare Form As Takes Material From His Book Of The Same Name And Brings It To Life Onstage. With His Signature Southern Drawl And Self-deprecating Humour, Leslie Recounts The Trials Of Being A Gay, Southern Man With Aspirations Of Entering Show Business. Above All, His Story Affirms The Importance Of Defining Your Own Success Even If You Re A Man Who Fell Out Of The Womb And Landed Smack Dab In Your Mother's High Heels!

*This movie is rated 16 and not suitable for viewers younger than 16. Download FPB Document here.

  • Genre: Gay, Comedy, Documentary
  • Starring: Leslie Jordan
  • Director: Amanda Bearse
  • Age Restriction: 16L
  • Length: 90min
  • Year: 2010