Bite Marks

While Backpacking Across The Country, Bickering Gay Couple Cary And Vogel Decide To Speed Up Their Trek By Hitchhiking Instead. That's When Fate Brings Them Brewster, A Sexually-confused Trucker Who Picks The Pair Up On His Way To Delivering A Shipment Of Coffins. After A Few Strokes Of Bad Luck, The Mismatched Trio Ends Up Lost And Broken Down In An Abandoned Junkyard. Though Surviving A Night Of Petty Fights And Sexual Tension Seems Tough Enough, The Nightmare Is Only Just Getting Started As Strange Noises In The Back Of The Truck Reveal The Presence Of Five Bloodthirsty Vampires...

*This movie is rated 16 and not suitable for viewers younger than 16. Download FPB Document here.

  • Genre: Gay, Horror, Lgbt, Black Comedy
  • Starring: Windham Beacham, David Alanson, Benjamin Lutz
  • Director: Mark Bessenger
  • Age Restriction: 16SLNV
  • Length: 84min
  • Year: 2011