Finding Me: Truth

This Film From Roger S. Omeus, Jr.(finding Me), Finding Me: Truth Takes Us Back To The Urban Story Of Friendship, Love And Relationships In Life Of Faybien Allen (raymartell Moore). A Year Later The Young Mr. Allen S World Is Defined By Colliding Truths And False Realities That Are Brought To Light In This Sequel. He Is Forced To Acknowledge And Reconcile His Nave Ways, If He Is To Capture The Heart Of His True Love Again. He Befriends The Most Unlikely Character Jay (maurice Murrell) And Is Introduced To A World Of The Unknown. Harsh Choices And The Darker Side Of Life Outline Jay S Truth. Very Much The Survivor In His Environment, Jay S Story Will Leave You Wanting To Delve Deeper. Faybien S Two Best Friends, Greg (eugene Turner) And Amera (jnara Corbin), A Year Later Are No Wiser To Their Myths And Self-conceived Identities. Amera Tragically Falls Into The Trap Of The Crazy Girlfriend. When A 4-month Relationship And Singing Career Arent Enough To Occupy Her Neurotic And Obsessive Mind. She Begins To Suspect Her Boyfriend (gabe) To Be Cheating On Her, Which Forces Her To Confront Her Quietly Kept Issues. While Greg Seems To Be Every Woman And Man S Fantasy All Wrapped Up In The Charm Of The Urbane Gentleman. His Life Mantra Of Being Free And Having Fun Has Gotten Him In A Situation Where His Hands Are Twice As Full. Recently Being Laid Off From Work And Dealing With His Own Lack Of Financial Stability/misfortune The Impact Of His Shattered Self-esteem And Identity, Push Him To Take A Harder Look At His Own Mirror Of Truth. Truth Explores The Depth And Intimacy Of These Friendships, The Uncertain Path Of Life And How Our Decisions Are Forged In The Midst Of It All.

*This movie is rated 16 and not suitable for viewers younger than 16. Download FPB Document here.

  • Genre: Gay, Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Starring: Bry’nt, Derrick L. Briggs, Eugene Turner, J’nara Corbin, Jake Krickhan
  • Director: Roger S. Omeus, Jr.
  • Age Restriction: 16LSDNV
  • Length: 100min
  • Year: 2011